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Took an Automated Business-Evaluation (E-Myth)

I saw a mention of E-Myth in a newsletter I read and I clicked over to take their three minute survey. The automated analysis told me my strength is recruiting competent and loyal people and I am reasonably competent with financial end of the business. My weaknesses are spending to much time on operations and actual technical work and that I am weak on marketing and business development. Both of these hit home. Of course, I got into this business because I know how to do the work. But building a business around the work is a totally different animal.

As entrepreneur, I have not spent enough time pushing ahead on the big picture vision. They recommend as founder/CEO that I do zero technical work. I am transitioning to that more and more but it will be some months before I can substantially further reduce my commitment there. I have pushed my actual management and technical responsibilities into 2-3 hours per day on average. That leaves 4-5 hours of a typical day for business-building. It’s not perfect but that’s what I have to work with for a couple months.

The report recommended that I systematize and document my lead conversion process and do more to “partner” with my customers or potential customers.

It is slowly dawning on me how I will do that. Stay tuned. I know I am going to have to do a lot of writing. Thankfully that comes relatively easily.